Drew Plays Drew

This recording offers 10 tracks of Gondwana co-founder, keyboardist, and primary composer Drew Gordon performing his tunes, his way, by himself on his piano. It opens with Question/Answer which is aptly named due to it's variety of themes and responses. 5 Bar Blues is typical Drew - a blues tunes with the twist of having 5 bar phrases. Improv before Obvious highlights one of Drew's greatest aspects as a performer - his ability to improvise. Cumulonimbus is one of Drew's loveliest tunes. Obsession is a snappy swing tune. Hoop Loop Blues is an uptempo blues tune with a walking bass line. Very Tender is indeed a very tender melody. For Em is the sweet ballad Drew wrote for his partner. Polkapotheo shows Drew's fun side with a polka played too slow, just right and too fast. Birth of a Filly begins tentatively and then grows into a nicely moving waltz.